AWS CodePipeline released, and there was much rejoicing

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AWS can be a big tease. Last November at re:invent, they announced AWS CodePipeline, an orchestration engine for builds. As they described it, I got more and more excited, up until the point they said it wouldn’t be released in mid-2015. Well, today might as well be Christmas, because CodePipeline has just been released and I am already figuring… Read more »

Continuous Delivery in AWS tools we use

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On a routine basis, we get asked which tools we use at Stelligent in delivering our solutions. Sometimes it’s a company interested in our services. Other times, it’s someone going though our hiring process (yes, we are hiring!). So, I’ve put together a list of the tools that we use in implementing Continuous Delivery in Amazon Web Services (AWS). All of our work… Read more »

Deployment Pipeline in Amazon Web Services – Support Infrastructure

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In the introduction to this series on deployment pipelines in Amazon Web Services (AWS), I covered the nine “stages” that we use as a starting point for our Continuous Delivery in AWS implementations at Stelligent. This first “stage” I’ll be describing is on establishing the support infrastructure for the deployment pipeline. It’s not what I think… Read more »

Deployment Pipelines in Amazon Web Services – An Introduction

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This is the first article in a series that will be describing the typical stages and steps we define when implementing deployment pipelines for our customers. This first article introduces what will be covered in more detail in other articles in this series. All we do at Stelligent is implement Continuous Delivery in Amazon Web… Read more »

New AWS deployment hotness: CodeDeploy

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CodeDeploy is a new AWS offering, just announced today at re:Invent, and it is the Goldilocks of AWS deployment tools. Where CloudFormation gives you a ton of freedom, it does require a bit of work to get it to deploy your app. Elastic Beanstalk makes it super easy to deploy an app, but if your… Read more »