Grow and Shrink your Operations team and run your Apps in the Cloud.

What is Elastic Operations™?

Grow and shrink Operations Engineering experts on demand to manage all your apps in the Cloud for one flat monthly fee and launch/terminate your custom environments on demand from web application.

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How it Works?

Learn the five steps on how Elastic Operations works.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduced costs and no budget/plan overruns.
  • No script editing: all build/deployment/provisioning/promotion processes are managed for you
  • Utilize some of the top Continuous Delivery experts in the industry
  • Complete transparency to your infrastructure
  • Real-time decision making capability with total accountability, visibility and reporting


  • Continuous Integration and real-time reporting
  • Support for Java and Linux platforms
  • Cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management tools managed for you
  • Dedicated engineer support
  • System Monitoring and Disaster Recovery