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DevOps in AWS

Stelligent is a technology services company focused exclusively on Amazon Web Services (AWS). At Stelligent, we implement continuous delivery in the cloud solutions built on top of your AWS infrastructure. Our expertise is in creating fully scripted, tested, versioned and continuous delivery systems so that you can deliver software to users at just the click of a button.

DevOps Automation


Stage 1

Run Build(s), Fast-running Tests, Static Analysis, Integration Deployment with every change. This stage initiates the pipeline.

Stage 2

After successful completion of Stage 1, run scripts that launch environments, longer-running tests and scripted deployments to the environments.

Stage 3

Run scripted chaos, stress and load and performance testing for applications/services.

Stage 4

Run scripts to deliver new software system to production users without any downtime.

Stage 5

Deliver fully scripted, tested, versioned software to users at lightning speed.

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We have pioneered industry best practices and we continue to innovate cloud infrastructure automation for our customers. We have featured our best-selling publications and videos:

Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk

“No other book to date even comes close to being such a comprehensive and authoritative source of principles, practices, and current technologies and resources about continuous integration.” Brad Appleton (co-author of Software Configuration Management Patterns)

DevOps in the Cloud

Walks viewers through the process of putting together a complete continuous delivery platform for a working software application written in Ruby on Rails along with examples in other development platforms.

IBM developerWorks Series

Automation for the people is a series of articles dedicated to exploring the practical uses of automating software development processes and teaching you when and how to apply automation successfully.

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