Automate CodeCommit and CodePipeline in AWS CloudFormation

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced the integration of AWS CodeCommit with AWS CodePipeline. This means you can now use CodeCommit as a version-control repository as part of your pipelines! AWS describes how to manually configure this integration at Simple Pipeline Walkthrough (AWS CodeCommit Repository). One of the biggest benefits of using CodeCommit is its seamless… Read more »

Security Integration Testing (Part 1): Resource Monitoring with AWS Config Rules

Continuous Security: Security in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline is a series of articles addressing security concerns and testing in the Continuous Delivery pipeline. This is the first article in the series. Introduction In a Continuous Delivery pipeline it is imperative to enforce infrastructure security policies and ensure that any new code or infrastructure changes don’t result… Read more »

Finding Security Problems Early in the Development Process of a CloudFormation Template with “cfn-nag”

Continuous Security: Security in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline is a series of articles addressing security concerns and testing in the Continuous Delivery pipeline. This is the second article in the series. CloudFormation Background CloudFormation templates are a great way to provision AWS resources.  They allow an infrastructure developer to declare what resources are to be… Read more »

Continuous Security: Security in the Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Continuous Security is the addressing of security concerns and testing in the Continuous Delivery pipeline, and is as much a part of continuous delivery as operations, testing, or security is a part of the DevOps culture. This article is the first in a series which talks about ways of integrating security testing/validation of both software… Read more »

Serverless Delivery: Orchestrating the Pipeline (Part 3)

In the second post of this series, we focused on how to get our serverless application running with Lambda, API Gateway and S3. Our application is now able to run on a serverless platform, but we still have not applied the fundamentals of continuous delivery that we talked about in the first part of this… Read more »

Serverless Delivery: Bootstrapping the Pipeline (Part 2)

In the first of this three part series on Serverless Delivery, we took a look at the high level architecture of running a continuous delivery pipeline with CodePipeline + Lambda. Our objective is to run the Dromedary application in a serverless environment with a serverless continuous delivery pipeline. Before we can build the pipeline, we… Read more »

Serverless Delivery: Architecture (Part 1)

If your application tech stack doesn’t need servers, why should your continuous delivery pipeline? Serverless applications deserve serverless delivery! The software development discipline of continuous delivery has had a tremendous impact on decreasing the cost and risk of delivering changes while simultaneously increasing code quality by ensuring that software systems are always in a releasable… Read more »

Infrastructure as Code – Soofi’s Gold

launch instance quote and button

If you read our earlier post , Infrastructure as Code – A Hit at re:Invent 2015, you know how excited we were about presenting at October’s AWS re:Invent conference. For me, the best takeaways of that awesome session came from Soofi Safavi’s inspired delivery regarding his experience as CTO of a large enterprise (Radian Guaranty)… Read more »

AWS Lambda-backed Custom Resources for Stack Outputs, Resources, and Parameters

At Stelligent we are continually improving our methods for developing immutable infrastructure. One pattern we have adopted is to use a layered approach when provisioning AWS resources through CloudFormation. This leads to the break down of a single-purpose monolithic CloudFormation template, into multiple, reusable templates. While we find this approach to be more scalable and maintainable,… Read more »

Mocking AWS CodePipeline pipelines with Lambda

I’ve been spending a lot of time with AWS CodePipeline over the past few months and I’m really excited about where it’s going in terms of what I consider to be a true Continuous Delivery service. What’s more, I can codify everything in CodePipeline itself using CloudFormation so that I can reliably modify and provision… Read more »

Running AWS Lambda Functions in AWS CodePipeline using CloudFormation

Recently, AWS announced that they’ve added support for triggering AWS Lambda functions into AWS CodePipeline – AWS’ Continuous Delivery service. They also provided some great step-by-step documentation to describe the process for configuring a new stage in CodePipeline to run a Lambda function. In this article, I’ll describe how I codified the provisioning of all of… Read more »